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Welfare for Healthcare was founded as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It was immediately clear to us that care packages for hospital key workers were needed and we launched a fundraising campaign to support NHS staff working in exhausting and challenging conditions – and to say thank you.

For more than a year we have all experienced some degree of loss, grief and lockdowns. The pandemic is still virulent. We have stayed home to stay safe. The clapping on the doorsteps phase has come and gone but our fundraising campaigns continue to support NHS key-workers nationally as an encouragement to them.

Healthcare is vital for both body and soul. We launched Music For The Soul in March 2021, a collaborative music project, to create a giant 365-day playlist dedicated to the NHS but designed to give a daily dose of music to boost the well-being of the nation. Please listen and make a donation.

Latest News

“We are broken but we love nursing”

Today is #NationalDayOfReflection We mourn with all those who have lost loved ones and we reach out to those who are suffering in so many ways still in lockdown. We also must remember all the staff in our hospitals who continue to work under really tough conditions and thank them for their care and their…

Music For The Soul – a 365-day playlist for the nation’s wellbeing

Three weeks ago, Founder of Welfare of Healthcare, H-J Colston-Inge, spoke to the Head of Fundraising, Sophie Burt, at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust. The purpose of the conversation was to establish how NHS key workers are coping and what the situation is like across the three hospital sites. In addition, a key question was…

The ‘Severn’ Swans are Swimming

We are branching out to help healthcare workers in the wider community. The landscape is changing and we need to support more people, the GP surgeries, care homes, nursing homes and we want to be able to respond to those beyond Worcester Acute Hospitals. So, we are launching merchandise, thanks to artist, Susan Birth, and…

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