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When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in the UK in 2020, we realised that care packages for key workers were needed and that is how Welfare for Healthcare was born.

After a year of loss and grief the pandemic is still virulent although we stay home to stay safe. NHS key-workers need to know that the community still supports them because they work in challenging conditions.

We have just launched Music For The Soul a collaborative music project to create a giant 365-day playlist dedicated to the NHS but designed to give a daily dose of music to boost the well-being of the nation.

All we ask is that you donate what you can and share the work that Welfare for Healthcare is doing with your friends and families.

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Music For The Soul – a 365-day playlist for the nation’s wellbeing

Three weeks ago, Founder of Welfare of Healthcare, H-J Colston-Inge, spoke to the Head of Fundraising, Sophie Burt, at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust. The purpose of the conversation was to establish how NHS key workers are coping and what the situation is like across the three hospital sites. In addition, a key question wasContinue reading “Music For The Soul – a 365-day playlist for the nation’s wellbeing”

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