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Supporting healthcare needs in the community!

When the Covid-19 pandemic moved into the UK, we realised that care packages for key workers were needed and that is how Welfare for Healthcare was born.

Today the needs are quite different and Welfare for Healthcare adapts to meet the changing landscape. We now support key healthcare workers in various settings eg GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes and the self-employed.

We are listening carefully to how and where we to offer our financial support. We know, for example, that we will be allocating money towards psychological therapies for healthcare workers.

All we ask is that you donate if you can and share the work that Welfare for Healthcare is doing with your friends and families.

Latest News

JustGiving = £8850

The new total stands at £8850 which means that we can purchase more essentials for the Wellbeing Shops in the Worcester Acute Hospitals. Funds will purchase non-perishable food and drinks and toiletries. This will help the NHS staff to: stay awake when they are exhausted be encouraged when morale is low know that others areContinue reading “JustGiving = £8850”


Thanks to Morrisons for their support yesterday. Essentials and treats were added to the Well-being Shop for healthcare staff working at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals including steam puddings, microwave meals and Easter chocolates!

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