Clap Days

Thursdays 8pm have become a weekly event here in the UK to thank the frontline healthcare workers. Here are some ideas to help create more noise to celebrate their wonderful work.

Clapping Sticks

Create your own clapping sticks out of wooden spoons or wooden stir sticks usually used to stir paint.

  • 2 ā€“ 8 wooden sticks – the number you choose to use will vary the sound
  • Wood glue – gluing sticks together help vary the sound
  • Paint to decorate
  • Varnish

Take one wooden spoon in one hand and one in the other hand and bang them together. If you want to extend the capability of your spoons you could drill a hole through the centre and thread some string and add beads onto each end.

Rain Stick

This is a wonderful instrument. You need:

  • An empty plastic fizzy popo bottle with lid (or another type of narrow plastic bottle you can easily rinse and dry)
  • Rice or sand
  • 50-100 Toothpicks (depending on the size of your bottle)
  • 20-30 wooden kebab skewers
  • Stickers to decorate the plastic bottle

Take your plastic bottle and thoroughly clean it, then let it dry completely. Add in your toothpicks and skewers, but break them into randomly sized pieces first. Pour the sand or rice into the bottle. Screw the cap back on, sealing it with permanent glue or wrapping the top with strong tape (packing/duct) to secure the cap. Slowly tip the bottle back and forth to hear the contents pour through the bottle.


Two plastic spoons can nestle a plastic Easter egg that is filled with beans or rice and be taped together to form this simple but realistic sounding maraca!

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