Hatha Yoga

Join us for 60 min sessions of Hatha Yoga on Zoom

0800h The Whole Body : 2000h Fascial Release

Tuesday 19th May : Wednesday 20th May

Tuesday 26th May : Wednesday 27th May

Please book using nell@yoga-forever.com and the first 100 will obtain a place with the Zoom link and Password.

Our lifestyles often mean that our body doesn’t move enough and we remain in the same position for far too long. This leads to stiffness, poor muscle tone, pain and discomfort. We forget to hydrate ourselves as we should and can’t understand why we suffer!

In the morning session, through twists, back arches, forward bends and lateral extensions we can lubricate and massage the connective tissues which holds us together.

The evening class will focus on calming the mind and preparing the body for restful sleep.

Fanella has a heart for the National Health Service and key frontline workers. She has worked together with the National Health Service on programmes for older adults as part of their Expert Patient’s Group and has taken part in research on the benefits of yoga for pre-natal mothers with Imperial College, London. In June 2018 Fenella worked with Co-Create on a Leadership Programme for NHS staff in Sandhurst and Dartmouth, offering a yoga and guided relaxation programme to classes of around 80-100 people.

Fenella Lindsell has kindly offered to run Hatha Yoga sessions on Zoom for anyone of any ability who would like to join her. Fenella’s emphasis is to create a warm and welcoming approach to her classes and retreats which clearly benefit her student’s longer term health and wellbeing.

Fanella enjoys teaching themed, varied and fun Hatha flow yoga in London and delivers classes to over 150 people a week. She runs 5-6 international yoga holidays and caters to all age groups and abilities.

The Benefits of Yoga

Sequenced posture work, breathing and relaxation techniques together can help relieve stress and anxiety, increase muscle tone, reduce injury, improve flexibility, mobilility and help people to feel calmer and to sleep better. The good news is that benefits can be felt even after just one class.

Event Schedule

1. The class will focus on a 10 minute warm up for the neck, chest and lungs through the shoulders and down to the hips. We will work into the wrists and arms too. 

2. The next section will last around 20 minutes to work into inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and quads as we move into a standing practice, integrating postures to build support around the joints whilst increasing muscle tone and improving flexibility. The final 20 minutes or so will be spent practising seated and floor sequences, bringing us to around 5 minutes in final relaxation. 

3. Once people have completed the class they will have a chance to spend Q&A time with Fenella discussing aspects of the class they found helpful or challenging and hearing from Fenella about her yoga journey which started when she was 25 in India.

About Fenella

Training originally with the British Wheel of Yoga 28 years ago, Fenella went on to set up London’s largest complementary health and yoga centre at the time and founded YogaBugs for children in 1996. It is story-style yoga for young children and featured 3 times on BBC’s 2’s Dragon’s Den. The influences on Fenella’s yoga style have come from disciplines notably Iyengar, Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga.

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