Welcome to our new product range!

These cheery swans are guaranteed to raise a smile and will make great presents. Browse now for our mugs and T shirts are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Who do you know in these key roles?

Clergy Swan

… is thoughtful and loving. Whilst church buildings have been necessarily closed during lockdown, vicars have been hard at work supporting their communities. Celebrate your local vicar with one of these as a thank you for their faithful service.

Caregiver Swan

… has been at the heart of the pandemic, supporting and caring for the most vulnerable & paddling hard in unclear waters. This swan deserves applause for daring to care during this era of need. Honour this keyworker swan with a gift.

Courier Swan

… has been super busy delivering all sorts of things we need, items to cheer us up & gifts for others. As the doorbell rings, this swan leaves us with a smile. Show your thanks to this swan – it will put a spring in their step!

Postie Swan

… is almost whistling on the delivery round. Real letters have been a joy to receive and we have all been so grateful to the posties for delivering our online purchases. Why not buy one of these to show your gratitude to those that do the rounds on our behalf, whatever the weather, all year round?

Volunteer Swan

… has been fluffing its feathers and doing good during COVID. Heart-warming stories abound of people who have helped their neighbour, brought community groups together and made people smile. You know already who deserves one of these.

Education Swan

… exudes gentleness and calm. With the disruption to this academic year & the incredible way teachers have responded to the challenge to move learning online, this design will make a perfect Thank You present for your teacher.

Supermarket Swan

… is kind and happy to help. There have been stories of anti-social behaviour to store staff when there were quotas on items and supply chains were impacted. Buy one of these as a gift for the superhero who went the extra mile to help you find what you needed.

Family Swans

… have been huddled in the nest for a while now; ruffling feathers or taking each other under their wings in a big, fluffy hug. Family swans are protective & work hard to juggle responsibilities in this pandemic. Your experience is shared by so many; you deserve a pat on the back for hanging in there.

Firefighter Swan

… is never afraid to go where others fear to tread. During the pandemic, Firefighter Swan remained at the ready, coming to the rescue, paddling fast, hose in hand, to sort out difficult situations. This swan deserves community appreciation with flashing lights!

Paramedic Swan

… flies far & wide to help those in the midst of a medical emergency. Facing many risks, armed with medical toolkit & presence of mind, Paramedic Swan is calm, collected and brilliant in a crisis. This swan deserves applause – with blue lamps on!

Police Swan

… says “ello, ello, ello!” and keeps the peace and encourages the public to do the right thing. Putting themselves into harm’s way is par for the course for the police force. Go on, say a thank you to someone you know who deserves it!

Medical Swan

… is calm and kind and ready to swim the extra mile to make you feel better. For medics, carers, nurses and doctors out there, this one says a huge thank you!

Media Swan

… has kept us informed of what we need to know to stay safe, continued to spread news & shows from makeshift studios & highlighted good causes. Media Swan is always on the pulse, seeks truth & is creative with ideas. Broadcast your appreciation & tell someone you know they are newsworthy!

Legal Swan

… continues to seek out right from wrong and to achieve the best outcome for clients in these most challenging of times. This swan would (rightly) argue a good case for the need to make a purchase at our shop!

Judicial Swan

… has been working behind the scenes (& using online screens) to ensure the continued delivery of justice behind closed doors. Under its wig, Judge Swan is wise, a thoughtful listener – & good talker, too! Judicial Swan would say, “Order! Order!” Do that today!

Two Swans

these include young and old, the in-betweeners & the empty-nesters. You go with the flow but sometimes feel you are swimming against the tide. Either way, you are a mutual support – now more than ever. Keep paddling! All shall be well.

Our Severn Swan range of merchandise has been designed by Worcester artist, Susan Birth, to bring happier memories of lockdown, to celebrate the kindness of strangers and to commemorate keyworkers who have supported us during this COVID-19 era.

As healthcare needs change, we can respond and support those with the greatest need in our communities. A donation will be made to our new community fund from all products sold.

All purchases will be handled through our partner, Red-Penguin, who will fulfil your orders. Delivery times are currently estimated at around 7-10 days. Prices quoted include VAT. P&P applies to all purchases.

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