Tips for Managing Irritations in Relationships

Tips to managing irritations in relationships and reducing anxiety

The Coronavirus  restrictions have led to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives.  Self-isolation, social distancing and financial concerns have places added pressure and stress on relationships and marriages. 

Here are some useful tips to manage irritations in relationships:

  • It is not a diaster and neither is it the end of the world to find someone irritating when you are over exposed to them. 
  • Irritations are often a sign for more space. Find some space in your home and ask for the space at certain times during the day.
  • Calm down, try get your perspective back and recentre yourself.
  • Find other things to do. For example, exercise, read a book and communicate with your friends.
  • If the irritations are strong and constant, this may mean there is issue beneath the surface that have been bugging you about someone for a while and have now become more obvious.  When communicating with someone on any issues, use non-blame language and say “I” rather than “you”.
  • Think positively and focus on the good qualities of people.
  • Spend time with the person who is irritating you in a positive way. This will lower the irritations.

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